10 Adorable Wire Haired Dachshund Pictures

The wire haired dachshund is the more uncommon type of this dog breed, and it gets its name from the wiry, wavy, or curly fur coat. These little critters often appear to have beards, and their fur coats tend to be tough to manage! Wire haired dachshunds are a breed that resulted from breeding between smooth dachshunds and schnauzers or the wire haired pinscher.

Cute Wirehaired dachshund

Pet owners who have these little pooches need to regularly brush their fur coats to prevent matting and tangling. Once a week should be enough, but you may have to strip the coat when it begins to look dull and dry.


Wirehaird dachshund puppy

These loving and sweet little critters are ideal to introduce to a family with children. The pup will grow up to be protective over your little one this way.


Cute puppy

How can you resist those big brown eyes? This tiny fellow will not grow a lot bigger than he is right now, but good things come in small packages! Full-grown standard dachshunds grow to about 16-32lb. Miniatures average around 12lb and kaninchens grow to be around 8-11lb!


The beards on these pooches make them look old and wise, but that’s just their breeding! Besides, age is just a number!


Funny wire haired dachshund image

Wire haired dachshunds like this little guy are talented and intelligent! They are also a little stubborn, but training them shouldn’t be too hard if you are patient and use praise and treats!


Cure wire haired dachshund image

If this gorgeous golden pup looks guilty, it may be because dachshunds are mischievous little critters who can wreak havoc when you’re not home!


wire haired dachshund bath

Wire haired dachshunds need to be bathed more frequently than their short haired counterparts. However, it is important not to bathe them too much, as this can dry up their skin and cause hair loss.


Miniature wire haired dachshund image

If these dachshunds look cold, don’t worry. Their long fur and adaptability makes them suitable for most types of climates! These dogs are one of the more versatile breeds.


Cute wire haired dachshund picture

Dachshunds are generally playful and active, as you can see with this little pup! It is important not to let your dog jump around too much as the impact can damage their bones, especially their fragile backs.


dachshund wirehaired puppy

While we don’t advise you to have exotic pets with your pup, check out this adorable pair! Dachshunds can get a little possessive sometimes, but they are mostly all right with other pets in the house, especially if they grow up alongside them.


Wire haired dachshunds are a great choice for pet owners living in apartments or city homes. They are excellent watchdogs, full of energy, and are very reliable pets to have. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to consider getting one!

4 Replies to “10 Adorable Wire Haired Dachshund Pictures”

  1. Annie Snyder says:

    I had a loving wirehaired dog named Molly until january of this year, when I had to put her down. She was fourteen. I got her when she was just a pup. I miss her a lot. She was all that you described.

    1. Sorry about your loss but u had quite a few year’s to love and adore your baby. I lost my baby after only 7 years. He had cancer and had to be out down. However he was a champ right up to his end. He never complained.

  2. I lost my sweet guy from cancer too. I’m now getting ready to welcome a new wire hair puppy named Tessa. I can’t wait to to watch her grow up and share my days with her. There is nothing like this breed,

  3. I lost my Black and Tan mini wire haired Dachshund, Leo. He lived to 15 yrs 8 months.
    I miss him so so much. He was my best friend.
    I had his teeth cleaned and a few teeth removed 3 months before he died of kidney failure. I wish I hadn’t put him through that procedure. I have his sister, Charlolette who is 14 yrs old. I’m trying very hard to keep her going. She’s sad too.

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