Are Beagles good with other dogs

Beagles are a mild-mannered, affectionate, and fun-loving dog. Being a scent hound they have an amazing sense of smell. It is often said that when a Beagle locks on to a scent trail the ears turn off.

Beagles are also very energetic and intelligent. They require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation and enrichment.

Are Beagles friendly with other dogs

Beagles were bred to work in large packs. Beagles get along very well with other dogs and love companionship. However, it is still important that your Beagle is socialized with other dogs to allow them to learn the communication skills they will need. It is also recommended that you learn about dog body language so you know when you may need to intervene.

Beagles can be quite boisterous when playing and sometimes that can annoy another dog. Aggression is not a common trait of the Beagle but they can be protective of their owners in the presence of other dogs.

are beagles good with other dogs
Beagle doing a play bow – friendly invitation to play

Beagles as part of a multi-dog household

If you are thinking of adding a Beagle to your household with an existing dog or dogs, this should be no problem. However, it is important to establish yourself as a strong leader and set the rules. This is particularly crucial when it comes to feeding. Beagles are very food driven and this can lead to conflict if not managed correctly. Some guidelines for managing a household of two or more dogs are;

  • Ensure all your dogs receive the right amount of exercise and mental enrichment they require. Unreleased pent up energy can lead to fight or behavior issues. For a guide to Beagle exercise see here. If the other dogs in the household are of a different breed see here for a guide to their exercise needs.
  • Supervise feeding time. Each dog should have their own bowl and not share. The dogs will quickly learn which is their bowl and understand the rules to mealtime.
  • Ensure all the dogs receive equal attention and don’t have favorites. This will help to prevent any jealousy developing.

Are Beagles good with small dogs

As Beagles are generally very good with other dogs, playing with smaller dogs should not be a problem. The only thing to keep in mind is they can be boisterous and full-on.

It is a good idea to supervise the play and settle them if they are overpowering the smaller dog. This is not an aggressive thing, but rather the result of overexcitement. For a guide on how to calm a Beagle see here.

How to socialize a Beagle with other dogs

The ideal time to socialize any dog is before 12 weeks of age. They probably would not have had all of their vaccinations at this stage. Although it is important for a puppy to meet new dogs you should be selective

Avoid places like pet stores and dog parks where you don’t know the vaccination history of dogs you may meet. If you have friends or family with fully vaccinated dogs this is best. Another option is to go to puppy training or a puppy playgroup.

Don’t force your Beagle puppy or dog to meet new dogs. Allow them to approach in their own time. It is important that meeting a new dog is a positive experience. A bad experience early in the socialization period will be difficult for them to get past.

Forcing your puppy or dog to meet every dog is not necessary. It is like you having to shake hands or hug every strangler you come across.

This video gives some excellent advice about socializing with other dogs.

Reading dog body language when meeting a new dog

Before putting your Beagle and yourself in situations where they will be meeting new dogs you should know the common signals and body language.

This way you will be aware of any potential issue before the meeting. It will also help you to know the difference between play and aggression.

Signs of a polite and friendly meeting are;

  • Approach other dogs in an arc.
  • They meet side on. Dogs that meet head-on is not good.
  • Move slowly and calmly.
  • Avoid eye contact.
  • May sniff other dogs rear.
  • Soft eyes, ears, tails, and bodies.

Warning signs of potential trouble are;

  • Staring at the other dog
  • Hackles are up
  • One dog standing with his head and neck over the other dog’s neck or shoulders in a “t” position
  • Walking around the other dog with
    • Legs stiff
    • Neck arched
    • Tail held high

When dogs are playing it can be difficult to know if it is just fun or things are getting out of hand. These signs show that they are playing and not aggression.

  • Play bows (front legs outstretched, hind quarter up) – as in the photo above.
  • Bark or high-pitched growl. Play growling sounds different from aggressive growling.
  • A balance between being on top and being on the bottom.
  • Mouth open when play biting.
  • Hackles aren’t up.
  • Dogs stop and start again.
  • Movement is side to side rather than moving forward.
  • Relaxed, loose bodies.

Summary – Are Beagles good with other dogs

Beagles generally are very good with other dogs. As the Beagle was bred to work in a pack, playing with other dogs is a natural instinctive behavior. Most Beagles love the companionship.

Beagles can be quite boisterous when playing and sometimes that can annoy another dog. Aggression is not a common trait of the Beagle but they can be protective of their owners in the presence of other dogs.

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