Best brush for Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)

best brush blue heelerThe Blue Heeler is a medium-length double-coated breed. This means they have a short guard coat of about one and a half inches in length that provides protection from rubbing up against things that they don’t shed. The second coat is the undercoat. The function of the undercoat is to keep them warm in colder weather. When the weather becomes warmer with the change of season they shed this undercoat to keep them cooler.

They generally shed twice a year. However, this can vary depending on the climate they live in, whether they are an indoor or outdoor dog, whether they are neutered in the case of a male, and the overall health of their coat. Some Australian Cattle Dogs even shed all year round.

For more on dealing with Blue Heeler shedding see here.

What kind of brush do you use for a Blue Heeler

Finding the right brush for grooming your Blue Heeler can be confusing if you don’t have dog grooming knowledge.

Having the right tools for any job will make it easier and you can do a much better job. Just as a carpenter will not just use a hammer, having a selection of brushes with different functions will be much more effective.

For brushing and deshedding your Blue Heeler I recommend using a good quality slicker brush, a steel comb, and some type of deshedding tool. These are some suggestions for the best brush to use for grooming an Australian Cattle Dog.

Slicker Brush for Blue Heeler

The slicker brush is a pin brush which is used mainly as a dressing brush. This puts a shine on the coat and works well to loosen tangles and break the coat up to allow the other tools to finish the job.

It is well worth spending a few extra dollars on a good quality slick brush. Not only will it last longer as the pins or bristles on these type of brushes wear down and fall out over time. A better quality brush will have better quality pins and will be more effective.

You will also find that when brushing your Blue Heeler the pins on a slicker brush will fill up with fur. You can use your comb to remove the accumulated fur. An easier option is to use a self-cleaning slicker brush. With these, you push a button and the fur is lifted out from between the pins.

My top pick for a Blue Heeler is the Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush available here from Amazon.

Steel Comb for Blue Heeler

A good comb is an essential tool for anyone who grooms a dog. Once you have gone over the area with the slicker brush first, ran the comb through to remove any tangles.

My personal choice is a 50/50 Comb which has two different width teeth. View 50/50 Steel Comb on here on Amazon.

Run the comb thought your dog’s coat first with the wider teeth and then again with the finer teeth. If you can’t run the finer teeth of the comb through the coat without resistance the coat is not fully brushed out. Repeat the process until you can.

There are other types of steel comb available including some with a handle that some people find more comfortable to hold.

Best deshedding tool for Blue Heeler

There is quite a range of different types of deshedding tools and brushes for double-coated dogs. Not all are necessarily suitable or work that well for a Blue Heeler. These are my recommendations for deshedding a Blue Heeler.

Top Pick: Mars Coat King Undercoat Rake

Best Budget Buy: Long Tooth Undercoat Rake

Shedding Blade

The shedding blade is my personal favorite for doing a quick regular de-shedding of a Blue Heeler. It can be held in one-handed or the handle splits in two so you can use two-handed. Also great for dragging excess water off your dog after the bath.

It is best not to overdo it. Six to eight strokes in one area are sufficient. Overuse in the same area can irritate your dog’s skin and even cause brush burn. By using a tool like this a few times a week for five or ten minutes will go a long way to reducing how much fur your Blue Heeler drops around the home.

View Shedding Blades here on Amazon

Long Tooth Undercoat Rake

An undercoat rake works very well removing undercoat and tangles and is gentle and comfortable for the dog. They are also very inexpensive making them the best budget choice for deshedding tools.

View Long Tooth Undercoat Rake on Amazon

Mars Coat King

The Mars Coat King is my number one pick for removing undercoat and dead coat from your Blue Heeler. Works really well even on very thick and bulky areas. It leaves a nice shine and finish on the coat as well.

View Mars Coat King undercoat Rake on Amazon

Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool

I have included the Furminator as it is the most popular and best known of the deshedding tools for dogs. From my personal experience, it is not as effective as the Mars Coat King. I have also found the blades can cut the guard coat and doesn’t leave such a nice finish and shine.


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