Are Boston Terriers good with cats

Are Boston Terrier good with cats

If you are thinking of getting a Boston Terrier and already own a cat you should not have any problems. Especially if you are getting a Boston Terrier puppy as animals that grow up together tend to form a close bond.

Alternatively, if you already have a Boston Terrier and are wanting to get a kitten or cat this should be no problem either. It is still important in both situations to introduce them slowly. We will look at how to introduce a cat to a Boston Terrier further.

Do Boston Terrier do well with cats

For the most part, Boston Terriers are good with cats. They have a loving and affectionate temperament. This makes them an ideal family dog even in homes with other pets. For more on Boston Terriers as a family dog see here.

Most terriers are not ideal with cats. The Boston Terrier is the exception to the rule. Every dog is an individual, but the majority of Boston Terriers are fine with cats and often become good friends.

Some Boston Terriers may want to chase a cat, but this is more about a bit of fun rather than a prey drive.

Can a Boston Terrier kill a cat

The Boston Terrier was originally bred to fight and also hunt and kill vermin. This instinct has over time with selective breeding been bred out of the Boston Terrier making them a loving and affectionate breed.

Physically a Boston Terrier is capable of killing a cat, but this is highly unlikely.

How do Boston Terriers react to cats

There are several possibilities when introducing your Boston Terrier to a cat for the first time.

The Boston Terrier becomes excited

Your Boston Terrier may treat the cat just as he would treat other dogs. You can expect your dog to lunge at the cat or sniff at them like there is no tomorrow. This is simply because of curiosity. They may also chase the cat or play rough without the intention to harm.

If your Boston Terrier wags their tail and looks relaxed while then they simply want to bond with his new whiskered friend. However, cats can be apprehensive of dogs and become defensive.

The Boston Terrier becomes anxious

Some Boston Terriers may not be sure about the cat. This is generally not the case as Boston Terriers are confident and friendly. In this situation, they are likely to keep their distance. Don’t force them to interact. Simply take things slowly.

The Boston Terrier and cat are fine together

In a lot of cases, the Boston Terrier and cat will accept each other in a short time. It is still important to still take things slowly. Supervise their interactions until you are 100% confident there will be no problems. If the cat was to swipe at the Boston Terrier, it may set things back.

How do you introduce a cat and a Boston Terrier

For more tips on introducing a dog and cat see here.

Make your pets familiarize with each other’s scent

Dogs can remember more than 50 distinct smells. So, why shouldn’t you make use of this impressive ability?
Grab a cloth or a towel and wipe it down your cat. Let your Boston Terrier sniff it. Better yet, tuck the cloth underneath your dog’s bed so he can get accustomed to your cat’s scent. Do the same for your cat.

Separate your cat at first

Avoid face-to-face confrontations for the first few days. Confine your cat in a room with her bed, food, water, and toys. Ideally, install a cat tree scratcher or a multi-level cat condominium. Having multiple high areas to hide can help your cat feel more secure. Cats are just as territorial as dogs. Hence, you need to give her enough time to adjust to her new environment.

Feed your pets on opposite sides of a closed-door

Feed your pets on either side of the door. Continue this process until your whiskered newcomer and the resident pet can eat calmly directly on each opposite side of the door. This will help prevent fear and aggression from developing.

Conduct short face-to-face meetings

Do this in a common area of your house, not your cat’s little retreat or your dog’s domain. Be sure that you have already set an escape route for your cat just in case things could go haywire.
Keep your Boston Terrier on a leash and ask them to sit down.

Next, allow your cat to come and go as they wish. Let them explore the room at her own pace. Just keep rewarding your dog for good behavior. It would be better if your dog acts as though the cat does not exist and is more interested in the treats.

Repeat this process several times daily, but keep it short. Having frequent short visits are better than dragging it out so long that either pet becomes stressed or agitated.

If your cat leaves the room, let them do so. There may be times when your Boston Terrier tries to see how you would react if he gets too close with the cat in an aggressive way. If this happens, give the “Stay” command and immediately reward your dog if they obey.

See to it that your pets eat simultaneously

Let your pets eat together, so they can create a close bond. At first, you need to supervise all interactions between the two. To stay on the safe side, place your cat’s food on the counter. Over time, this will establish the idea that they belong in the same pack.

Proceed with caution

After multiple introductions and simultaneous feedings, set your pets loose inside a room and observe how they would react towards each other. If your Boston Terrier shows tolerance with your cat’s presence even without your intervention, then you can finally have peace of mind knowing that your pets can hang out together and eventually, become snuggle buddies.

For more tips on getting a dog to get along with a cat see here.

Summary – Are Boston terrier good with cats

Most terriers are not ideal with cats. The Boston Terrier is the exception to the rule. Every dog is an individual, but the majority of Boston Terriers are fine with cats and often become good friends. This is especially true if they are raised together from a young age.

Some Boston Terriers may want to chase a cat, but this is more about a bit of fun rather than a prey drive.

Take the introduction of the Boston Terrier and cat slowly even if they seem fine together. If there was an incident, like the cat having a swipe at the dog, it may set the process back.

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