20 Signs That You Are Crazy for Dachshunds

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If you have a bit of an obsession with Doxies, you really cannot be blamed. These loving, playful, and headstrong canines are simply the best. They really are the perfect companion for any dog lover. If you do want to confirm that you have a bad case of the Doxies, keep reading. The higher you score, the more you love your Dachshund!

1. All Doxies are Irresistible

Have you ever seen one or more Dachshunds and gone out of your way to run over and greet them? This may have involved going in the opposite direction of your intended destination. You may have also almost gotten knocked down on more than one occasion as you crossed the road in haste. You get extra points if you have ever stopped a moving vehicle just so you could pet a Doxie or say hello.

2. Your Doxies are Your Family

By this, we mean that you are the mommy or daddy. Your Doxie is the baby. They will never be referred to anything other than your child. Even if you do have biological children of your own, this does not change the family status of your Dachshund. In fact, the Doxie will be considered a brother or sister to your own children. In all actuality, your children will probably grow up thinking that they are related to your Doxie.

3. Your Doxie Is Treated Like a Child

We have established that your Doxie is your baby. Of course, that does not end just with the title. You go out of your way to treat your Doxie like your child. This can mean doing things with them that others strictly reserve for human children. This can range from putting them in a baby carrier to taking them to the park and placing them in a baby swing. The possibilities really are endless.

4. Your Dachshund Gets a Name Too

So you spent a considerable amount of time researching the perfect name for your Doxie. Well, this is not enough. You will then also come up with a completely adorable nickname that your Doxie will respond to as well.

5. Doxies are Instinctively Drawn to You

Types of DachshundHave people claimed on more than one occasion that you are a Doxie whisperer? Do they simply run towards or snuggle comfortably in your arms? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then you really are a Doxie person. In fact, you are so much so that the Dachshunds are convinced that you are actually one of them.

6. Your Doxie Has Too Many Accessories

If your Doxie has more toys, treats, and accessories than you do, then you are certainly Doxie crazy. This is especially true if you continue to buy these things despite your Doxie’s tendency to absolutely destroy his or her belongings whenever possible. In your eyes, your wonderful pup can simply never have too many things! See Absolutely the best toys for Dachshunds for more.

7. Weiner Is Part of Your Daily Vocabulary

Oh, the wiener jokes and puns they will be endless. Coworkers, family members, and friends will think that you are a little strange. Also, your Doxie might be the only one to really appreciate this type of humor. Well, at least they will pretend to.

8. Doxie Patterns Everywhere

If a large percentage of your belongings are covered with Doxie patterns, you may be a little obsessed. This refers to sweaters, mugs, shower curtains, actual curtains, bedspreads the list goes on. Anything more than five is probably the magic number for Doxie obsession. See 10 Awesome Gift Ideas For A Dachshund Lover for more.

9. No One Can Compare to Your Doxie

Have you compared a potential romantic interest to your Doxie at least once? Just to see how they measure up by comparison? You may have even dismissed the human because they simply did not have the same potential as your Dachshund. Yup, that’s a red flag.

10. You Spend a Lot of Time at Home

Your friends or family want you to spend time with them. However, leaving the house means leaving your Doxie behind, and that is just unacceptable. This means that you end up canceling a lot of your plans or dodging them in the first place. After all, your Dachshund needs attention as well!

11. Weekends are the Best for One Reason

In the same vein, you wait desperately for the weekend to come. Most people do this so that they can sleep in or party. You look forward to these off days because it means you get to spend more time with your Doxie. This is the best time for you.

12. You Have Long Conversations with Your Doxie

First of all, they are completely understanding of what you are currently going through. Furthermore, on occasion, they will also sit upright on their little derrieres. This obviously means that they are listening to you quite intently.

13. Your Couch is Not a Couch

Most people have couches to sit on and converse with others. Yours serves a slightly different purpose it is a burrowing hole for your Doxie. You also know better than to replace it, as the same thing will simply happen all over again.

14. Oh, the Arguments

You have found yourself having hour-long arguments with your stubborn Doxie. You have gone into great detail with them on just how they have misbehaved. You also have provided them with a vague list of mild punishments that you both know will never happen.

15. You Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Doxie

You know that your Doxie may be prone to random physical feats and that is just not good for them. After all, they might hurt their poor backs. You keep a close watch on them so that you can fly to their rescue at a moment’s notice.

16. You Have a Low Bed

If you have an abnormally low bed just so that your Doxie can clamber in and out whenever they want, you may have a bit of an obsession. That’s ok though, as you get to cuddle up to your lovely, cozy Doxies!

17. It is Your Favorite Conversation Topic

Do you always manage to steer the conversation towards your Doxie or just Doxies in general? Do you also provide people with unsolicited stories regarding your dog or other Doxies that you know of? Do people receive frequent emails from you on what is new in the world of Doxies?

18. There is No Other Breed

When people ask for recommendations for the kind of dog that they should get, there really isn’t a choice. In your mind, there is only one breed of dog truly worth having. You tell others just how you feel as well.

19. Lots and Lots of Research

You are always looking for what the latest is with Doxies. It could be a new treatment, a new problem, or just news about Doxies being adorable. Either way, you are on top of it.

20. You Own Your Obsession

You know what, you know that you are obsessed with Doxies and you just don’t care. You own that obsession because Dachshunds are the best thing that has ever happened to you.

So, where do you fall on the spectrum of being obsessed with Doxies?

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