Dachshund vs. Shih Tzu: Comparison Between Two Breeds

When you first consider Dachshunds and Shih Tzus, it does not seem as though these breeds have too much in common with one another. Nonetheless, these two breeds are quite popular among homeowners.

Their lovely personalities and enjoyment of human companionship make them ideal pets for people who love dogs. While Dachshunds and Shih Tzus are quite different from one another, they do have a few similarities. Let’s take a look at how these adorable dogs are similar and dissimilar to one another:

dachshund vs shih tzu


Shih Tzus are considered to be toy breeds. This means that they are among some of the smallest breeds of canine. On average, a Shih Tzu can weigh between 9 and 16 pounds. They are generally also expected to reach a height of between 8 and 11 inches. By comparison, Dachshunds come in three different size groups. These are toy size, miniature size, and standard size.

The smallest, the miniature size, tends to weigh around 8 pounds and reaches a height of about 12 inches. The toy Dachshund can weigh up to 11 pounds and be between 5 and 7 inches tall. The standard Dachshund typically weighs well over 11 pounds and can reach heights of up to 8 to 11 inches.


On average, Dachshunds can live for up to twelve to fourteen years as long as they maintain good health. Dachshunds are typically considered adults at around 12 months, although this can differ depending on the various characteristics of the pup. Shih Tzus have an even longer lifespan than Dachshunds. They can live for about fifteen years or longer. Shih Tzus are usually considered to be full grown dogs when they are about a year old as well.


When it comes to effort, Shih Tzus tend to require a lot more grooming than Dachshunds. While they both do not shed too much, the Shih Tzu coat requires a great deal of attention. This can be managed by getting the hair trimmed and keeping it short. Shih Tzu owners also have to pay special attention to their dog’s eyes as they are quite sensitive. Dachshunds require a good brushing every now and then but do not need a lot of grooming. Only longhaired Dachshunds need any additional attention.


When it comes to training, the Shih Tzu and the Dachshund can pose a bit of a challenge. While they are good natured and loving pups, they are also quite headstrong. You are going to need a considerable amount of determination and patience to make sure that these breeds are trained properly. Furthermore, you are going to need to be quite firm with them as well. Once they have been trained, however, they are very good at sticking with their new schedules.

These are some of the important elements to compare between Dachshunds and Shih Tzus. While there are quite different breeds, they do have surprising common grounds as well. It is easy to love both of these wonderful breeds.

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