What do Dobermans like to do for fun

Dobermans like to do

Dobermans are athletic high energy dogs that like to blow off steam and rip it up. They are real people loving dogs that like nothing better than to spend time with their favorite person or people.  Even the most athletic Doberman will also have a sedentary side and crave being hugged and petted.

So, what do Dobermans like to do for fun?  Here are a few suggestions to give a go with your Doberman. I am sure they will love them.

What activities do Dobermans love

Flirt Pole

Flirt pole is like a giant cat tickler for dogs. It has a long handle with a bungy type rope with a lure or toy attached to the end. You simply move the lure along the ground around in circles or in different directions as your dog chases it.

This activity is ideal for a Doberman as it works all their muscles.  Be sure they have a good “leave it” command and don’t allow them to destroy the toy. It is important that this be a controlled exercise.

This is also a great exercise that can burn off pent-up in a short amount of time and also helps to build and strengthen their muscles. For a full guide to flirt pole exercise for dogs see here.

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Tug of War

A firm favorite of most Dobermans. Make them crouch and pull back to use extra energy. Ensure that this is a controlled game and they release when you want them to. The Doberman is a powerful strong dog and unless you can match them physically they may win this game really easy. An alternative is to use a spring pole.

Spring Pole

spring pole is simply a spring connected to a rope that hangs from a tree branch or beam with a lure or toy attached to the end. This allows your Doberman to play tug of war with him or herself even if you are not there.

Also, a good way for your Doberman to entertain themselves even when you are not there.

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Dobermans love to play fetch and have the energy and stamina to play this game for countless throws. If you find that you can’t keep throwing the ball as many times as your Doberman would like, consider an Automatic Ball Launcher. See”Automatic Ball Launchers for Dogs” to learn more.

Frisbee Toss

Most dogs can chase and catch a ball. But a Frisbee requires a little bit more skill, coordination, and timing. Dobermans look spectacular playing this. Roll the Frisbee on the ground towards your dog. They will instinctually want to grab it in his mouth. Once you’ve accomplished this, try tossing it at a very low level first to your dog. If you feel like your dog is ready to go to the next level, toss the disc a little higher and further. Great energy burner and you may be amazed at your dog’s agility and acrobatic skill.

Playing with toys

Dobermans love their toys. Whether they are chew toys, toys to challenge their minds, or toys that get them moving. Most Dobermans love balls to the point of being ball crazy.

For the best type of toys for Dobermans see here.

Scenting and nose games

Dobermans can have a keen nose. Smell related tasks make use of one of the largest parts of a dog’s brain. Playing scenting and nose games helps to provide mental stimulation. Read “12 Scenting and nose games for dogs” for some ideas.

Dobermans love to solve puzzles

Dobermans are smart dogs. Failing to challenge the mind of a Doberman and providing enrichment will lead to boredom. Boredom is the major cause of behavior issues with a dog.

Puzzle toys are one of the best ways to test and challenge a Doberman’s problem-solving skills. The added bonus is that most puzzle toys involve getting a treat out of the toy. When selecting puzzle toys for your Doberman select toys that are a little more difficult or have different levels of difficulty.

For the top puzzle toys for dogs see here.


Dobermans love to chew. Provide your Doberman with good strong chew toys. Chewing is a great way to occupy them. In addition, chewing releases endorphins and helps to relax a dog. Many dogs hold stress in the jaw. For more on the benefits of chewing and the best chew toys click here.

Avoid allowing them to chew on unsafe objects such as sticks. Read “Should dogs chew sticks” to learn more.

Running, biking or skating with you

Dobermans love to be moving fast. As the Doberman has good levels of stamina and can go for long distances, they can make great running partners. Just be sure to build up the distance and intensity of the activity over time to prevent causing injury to your dog. Read “Running with your dog” for more on this.

Time with their human friends

Dobermans are a loyal, people-oriented breed that thrives as part of the family.  They are affectionate with both adults and children. Dobermans are often referred to as a velcro dog. This is because they often follow you everywhere and are stuck to your side.

Even if a Doberman does not like other dogs, they typically love humans and are happiest when they are with us. A Doberman will do almost anything his favorite people ask of him, just to hear their praise. These dogs crave our attention and approval and are very social with humans.  They love just to spend time with us especially when they are getting lots of pats and cuddles.

Let us know in the comments what your Doberman likes to do for fun.

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