Funny Dachshund Videos

Life is all about learning and becoming better and so is the case with dogs. Dogs are the kind of animals which learn quickly, but not all dogs are the same just like not every human is.

Here is a video of two Dachshund puppies among whom one is quite dumb and another a bit smart. So what the owners do here is crosscheck the fact by making a box of empty cans on the floor and putting one of the puppies in it.

The puppy tries his best to find a way out, tries to jump out, but he couldn’t until its owner puts aside some of the cans to make a way through the closed box. The same thing is done with another puppy which, in no time jumps out of the box and leaves its owners amazed.

To be honest, there are a lot of things common between dogs and humans one of which is the curious nature. We humans get excited when we see something new or interesting and so is the case with dogs. The only difference is that a dog will always try to explore anything that is new to him no matter how dangerous it. He will be scared of it too, but that would not stop him.

Well, here is a video of a cute Dachshund puppy who is amazed to see a toy penguin sing and dance. At first, the puppy seems to be really happy and excited to see something like that and tries to push it down from its nose. The penguin then starts to sing and dance, on which, the puppy starts running around the toy penguin. He seems to be scared of it, but at the same time, he is amused from it too.

Who doesn’t love food? Well, I don’t think there is anybody out there who would say no to food until and unless he is full. But can one be so much in love with food that he wakes up just from the smell of food? It can’t be a human for sure, but yes, it can be a dog. Dogs are known for their amazing sensitive nose, they can smell food from far away.

Here is a video of a cute dachshund which is sleeping peacefully, but once the owners of the puppy put a piece of food in front of its nose. It wakes up to the smell and his tongue finds the piece of food. As he enjoys his treat with his eyes covered with the blanket, he looks extremely cute. After he finishes his treat taking his own time, he looks at its owner expecting more food with an extremely innocent face. Check out this cute video below:

Having a dog as a pet is a blessing in itself; it will always be there for you, always ready to lick your face lovingly, always ready to amuse you, cuddle with you and always ready to play with you too. There are a lot of instances when dogs see new things and freak out. They are of a curious nature and do not let go of anything they find new.

Here is one such video of a baby dachshund named “Roxy” which seems to be freaked out by a small bouncy ball. At first, she looks scared of the ball, but due to the curious nature keeps running around it. Once she realizes that the ball is not dangerous, it starts playing with it by holding it in her jaw and taking it around the room. The owner of this cute puppy seems amused by the puppy’s act and joins her to play with the ball.

Dogs too are living creatures and they too have their likes and dislikes. Here is a video in which a cute Dachshund puppy can be seen being depressed when its owners sing the Happy Birthday song to him. The puppy is totally fine with all other songs that the owners sing to him, but as soon as they start singing Happy Birthday, the Dachshund doesn’t seem to like it very much and starts barking expressing its anger and disliking. The owners sing almost every song they knew to the puppy, but this cute Dachshund seemed to be offended by just one song that is, Happy Birthday.

No one can be a better friend than a dog and cuter than they are. The dogs play an important part in the lives of their owners; they don’t just protect them but also put a smile on their face many a time.

Dachshunds are known for their cuteness and intelligence, and they are the best amusers one can have as a pet.

A small Dachshund puppy is playing with its own reflection in the mirror and trying to figure out what is actually going on. The small pup is amazed and happy to see how the puppy just like him, on the other side is copying him the exact way. When he is done running in front of the mirror and observing its own reflection, he starts scratching the mirror trying his best to play with one of his own kind who is on the other side. All this long the owners of this cute puppy enjoy the scenario. It is after some time that the small Dachshund understands that it is his own reflection and nothing else. Check out this cute video below!

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