How to keep your Dachshund happy and healthy

Hey..!!!, I am Doxie, you must have heard people talking about me calling me with different names, talking about my intelligence, my haunting spirit, sharp bark, and my absolute devotion towards my master.

As all of you do, even I, do mischievous things, be it jumping from the furniture, being stubborn sometimes and a lot more, but that’s not what I am here for. I am here to tell you some important points which you should always keep in mind if you want me to be happy and healthy.

Keeping dachshund active and healthy
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1.How to hold me properly

There is a proper way in which you should hold me, especially kids. Please teach your children and family members the ideal way to hold me. If you follow them carefully the chances of me suffering from a back problem is reduced.

Holding a dachshund properly

So the steps are as follows:-

  • Put one of your hand under my chest
  • You should always take care of my rear end, as I am long, always place your other hand around my rear end, to save me from any back problem.
  • Don’t allow me to jump from your arms, so hold me tightly but gently.
  • While you are holding me try to keep me near your chest and while you want to set me down, please be gentle

2.How to groom me.

dachshund grooming

As I come in three different coat varieties, i.e, long-haired, wire-haired and smooth, there are different ways in which you should groom and brush me

  •  If I am long-haired, I need regular brushing to prevent me from tangles and mats.
  • If I am wire-haired, I need regular brushing and clipping
  • If I am smooth coated it doesn’t mean I don’t need any grooming, if you want to save me from any skin allergy.
  • Then keep on grooming me on a daily basis, as you might feel bumps and lumps on  my body, By grooming me regularly you are saving me from lots of agony.

Another important thing is to keep my nails trimmed and if I don’t like this to be done by you, take to the vet or groomer for nail clipping. To learn more about clipping nails see here.

3.Proper diet and Exercise

dachshund running
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If you can’t feel my ribs while touching it means I am overweight which may lead to severe Spinal problems or intervertebral disc problem and diabetes. All you need to do is to  follow these points

  • I love to eat, but it doesn’t mean you give me everything  I ask for. Give me only how much is prescribed in a dog food chart. And yes, don’t give me sweets and chocolates, they are harmful to me. For more on feeding a Dachshund see here.
  •  As I am active, I love to walk, but at my own speed and time so be patient and take me for a walk at least twice a day. For more on how much exercise a Dachshund needs see here.
  • Just keep a watch on my mobility to ensure I am not stiff or in pain. Sometimes you might see me eating grass, or vomiting it may mean I am suffering from a severe problem. If in doubt take me to the vet.
  • Give me some time, let’s play something at home.

Don’t do these things with your Dachshund

  • Don’t allow me to climb stairs, you may hold me (I have told you how to hold me properly).
  • Don’t allow me to jump on and off the furniture, it may lead to a severe back problem.
  • Never let me off leash in unsafe places. I am not afraid of cars and it will be tough to catch me.

    Follow these few things and you will always find me happy and healthy..!!!

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