What do Yorkies like to do for fun

Yorkie FunThe Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie is a fun, affectionate and loving little dog.

They are also very high energy and are highly intelligent. I know this from personal experience. I have a little Yorkie girl called Asia. It is crucial to provide your Yorkie with adequate exercise and to keep their mind stimulated and occupied. They also love their toys. For the best type of toys for Yorkies see here.

I have created this list of what Yorkies like to do for fun in consultation with Asia, my Yorkie.

Daily Walk

The daily walk is a crucial part of any dogs routine. It is not only an excellent opportunity to burn off some of that pent-up energy. It provides mental stimulation by way of the sights, sounds and smells they come across. In addition, it is a good bonding time for you and your Yorkie and can also provide a training opportunity. For more information on the exercise needs of your Yorkie read “How to exercise a Yorkshire Terrier

Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is like a giant cat tickler for dogs. This is a great activity for Yorkies as being a ratting dog it relates directly to their natural prey drive and chase instincts. You simply move the lure around in circles or in all directions along the ground and your Yorkie will chase it. The video below gives a good demonstration of how to use a flirt pole.

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Yorkies love to play fetch and can go for as many times as you want to throw the toy. Some Yorkies are not that interested in balls, so use a plush toy or any toy your Yorkie loves to play with.

Puzzle Toys

There is quite a range of puzzle toys available for dogs. This involves your dog working toys out how to get the treat out of the toy. They come in various degrees of difficulty. Yorkies are very smart so you may find they solve the challenge easily, so you would be better getting one of the more challenging puzzle toys. For my top picks see “Top Puzzle Toys for Dogs

Kongs for dogs

Similar to using a puzzle toy in which you Yorkie has to get the goodies out of the Kong. See “How to use a Kong for dogs” to learn more. As I work full time my Yorkie is home alone for the whole day. What I do is fill up a couple of Kongs and a puzzle toy and hide them around the house. The first time you do this, let your dog see where you are hiding them. For more ideas for times when your dog is home alone read “Leaving a dog alone while at work“.

Dog toys that move on their own

There is a good range of dog toys that shake, rattle, roll and move on their own. My Yorkies favorite is a toy called the Zeus Bulldog. I think this is because you love plush toys the most. For more information about dog toys that move on their own, click here.

Nose games

There are lots of fun nose games you can play with your Yorkie. My Yorkies favorite is when I hide treats around the house and she finds them. Somehow she always knows when they have all been found. For more nose games read “12 Scenting and nose games for dogs

Hide and Seek

Put your dog in a sit stay or have someone hold them while you hide. Then let your dog find you. Stay very still and quiet so as not to give away your hiding place and allow them to figure it out for themselves. As your dog gets more skilled at finding you, hide in more difficult places like under a blanket or behind a curtain. Give your dog lots of praise when they are successful.

A soothing Massage

Giving your dog a massage is a great way to bond with your Yorkie. It also helps to spot potential health problems, like tumors or sore spots, before they get out of hand.

Use gentle motions that help your Yorkie relax and feel comfortable. Also, a good time to include a grooming session as your dog is nice and relaxed. For more information on massage read “How to massage a dog step by step”

So, what do Yorkies like to do for fun

There are lots of fun games and activities you can do with your Yorkie. Check “50 Boredom Busters and games for dogs” for more ideas.
This was my Yorkies what do Yorkies like to do for fun list. If you have other ideas and things your Yorkie loves to do, feel free to mention in the comments.

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