Dealing with Basset Hound drooling

Basset Hound drooling

Do Basset Hounds drool

If you know Basset Hounds you will be well aware of their tendency to drool and slobber. Basset Hounds tend to drool most of the time but it is worst when they are eating and drinking.

When a dog eats they produce more saliva which aids to soften and digest the food. When they drink water they obviously have more fluid in their mouths also.

Why do Basset Hounds drool

The cause of the drooling is those large jowls. Basset Hounds are a scenting and tracking dog. Their jowls are a helpful tool in their scenting arsenal.

As they sniff the ground, their jowls sweep the ground lifting the odor onto the roof of their mouth and back of the nose. For more about why dogs have jowls see here.

Basset Hounds produce so much saliva that swallowing alone doesn’t keep up with the volume. The excess saliva ends up building up in the jowls and flaps of skin around the mouth. When drinking, water collects in these areas as well.

This causes your Basset Hound to shake their head to rid themselves of the drool which goes everywhere. Dog drool is often referred to as paint stripper as it can stain and do damage to whatever it lands on.

Basset Hound drooling excessively

If you notice your Basset Hound is drooling more than normal or is swallowing excessively, it could indicate a medical issue. This may also be accompanied by eating grass and them seeming unwell.

There can be many causes for this. These may include they have something stuck at the back of their mouths or even a re-flux problem. If you have any concerns, consult your vet for a remedy.

How to minimize Basset hound drooling

These are some tips to reduce the amount of Basset Hound drool and slobber being sprayed all around the home. Basset Hounds faces, jowls, and ears also get extremely dirty.

This is the result of them dragging them along the ground. The dirt is then transferred on to your carpet and furniture. This can also make your Basset Hound quite smelly. For more tips on reducing Basset hound smell see here.

Clean your Basset Hounds jowls

The best way to manage and deal with Basset Hound drooling is to catch it at the source. This requires regularly wiping and cleaning the jowls and face. This should be done at least once a day.

To really keep on top of the issue, you should wipe and clean their jowls every time they eat or drink. This is the time they will produce the most slaiva and drool.

The most effective ways to clean your Basset Hounds face and jowls is to use a facial cleansing foam.

 It can also be used to clean the outside of the ears that may have been put in their food and water. The Biogroom face foam requires no rinsing and helps to remove staining around the lips and eyes.

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The alternative is to use a moist pet wipe.

Regularly bath your Basset Hound

Regular bathing removes excess drool, especially drool that has dried and become crusty. To give them face a good clean use a tear less baby shampoo.

Rub away any caked-on drool and rinse your Basset Hound well. After bathing, wipe down their body and dry the fur between the facial wrinkles and flaps to prevent residual moisture from causing a skin infection.

To learn more about Basset Hound allergies and skin infections see here.

Cleaning the home of Basset Hound drool

Basset Hound drool contains chemicals that can stain and cause damage to your home. The best way to eliminate the drool from your home is by preventing the stains from occurring. This can be achieved by wiping your Basset Hounds face regularly and feeding them outside.

The key to avoiding damage to your furniture, carpet, and appliances is to clean the drool up immediately. When cleaning any fabric it is best to test whatever cleaning product you are using on a small spot. This is to ensure that it doesn’t damage the fabric or material.

Don’t let the drool dry out, otherwise it will be harder to remove. The longer you let the enzymes, minerals and oils in the dog’s saliva set, the more the chemicals work into the surface’s material.

Just wiping the drool off will not necessarily remove all the chemical in the drool. The best way to clean dog drool is to use Magic eraser.

The product work wonders even in the areas where it has been drooled on over and over. The abrasive structure of the melamine foam (magic eraser) is great at dissolving the enzymes and the natural mineral build-up in the saliva.
You can use the magic eraser on a wide range of surfaces including stainless steel, wood, and laminate floors, walls and cabinets

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A homemade drool cleaner is to use 3 parts of hot water and one part white vinegar. Then insert a few drops of mild dish soap. The warm water will make the spot easier to treat, while the dish soap will eliminate the oils. On the other hand, the vinegar’s acid will help break the hard as cement dried drool.

The only drawback of owning a Basset Hound is they slobber more than other dog breeds. They require regular cleaning of their faces and your home to remove saliva before it dries into a caked-on mess. We hope you have these tips for dealing with Basset Hound drooling helpful.

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