Are Japanese Spitz good with kids – a Parents Guide

If you are considering getting a Japanese Spitz for the family you will want to know how they are with kids. Parents do worry about the safety of their children around dogs, so it is important to understand a little about the breed.

The Japanese Spitz is a smart, confident, and playful little dog. They can be a little dominant or independent at times, but they can be very obedient with proper training.

They crave human companionship, are loyal and eager to please, and make good watchdogs. They will alert you if anyone is coming.

Japanese Spitz and kids children

Are Japanese Spitz good with children

As long as a Japanese Spitz is well socialized they are excellent with children. They will be very patient with children and are always up for a fun game.

They have a personality that is fun, playful, and a little mischievous. Their small size also makes them suitable for children of all ages. They are less likely to knock a child over than a larger dog. However, they can get under an adult’s feet but will quickly learn to move out of the way.

A Japanese Spitz will make an affectionate, loyal, and protective friend to your children.

Are Japanese Spitz a good family dog

The Japanese Spitz is an active and playful little dog. They also crave and love human companionship. This makes them best suited for an active family that can spend time with them and give them plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. For a guide to exercise for a Japanese Spitz see here. They will not be content just sitting back and watching family activities. They will want to join in.

Japanese Spitz, as stated, are friendly and gentle with children and usually get along well with other dogs or pets in the home. If you have a cat they may want to chase them, but they are generally just playing. They can be trained to not annoy the cat.

Japanese Spitz are intelligent and eager to please. This means that they are relatively easy to train as long as you focus their attention. They are also a relatively low maintenance dog and are generally a healthy breed. The main areas they require a little more work are regular brushing and providing sufficient exercise.

They don’t really like being left alone for too long and some may develop separation anxiety. If the family is out a lot and doesn’t have time to spend with them when home, they may not be the best choice.

Can Japanese Spitz be aggressive

Any breed of dog is capable of aggressive or being an aggressive dog. This is usually the result of a past bad experience or poor training and socialization.

Even in the case of a well-socialized dog, there are situations where they may snap. This is usually if they get hurt by the kids pulling on their hair or ears or similar miss treatment. A common situation where a dog may react or bite is when they are sleeping. If a child jumps on a sleeping dog and shocks them, they may bite.

Some dogs can also be food or toy aggressive. If a child tries to take away a chew or toy, some dogs may become protective. This is known as resource guarding and is a potential behavior issue.

The key is to not only ensure your Japanese Spitz is well socialized and taught the rules and boundaries around children. It is just important that the children are taught how to handle and show respect to your dog.

Teaching kids about dogs

Most kids naturally love dogs and gravitate towards them. They love to cuddle them and play with them and get in their faces. It depends upon the individual temperament of your Japnese Spitz whether they are ok with them or not. In most cases, a Japanese Spitz will be extremely tolerant of kids.

Your Japanese Spitz is likely going to be happy to see your children and will quickly get used to them coming up and touching them. However, it is important to teach your children to not be too rough or do anything that may hurt the dog. Any dog may react if they are hurt or feel threatened.

It is a good idea for your Children to be involved in the training process. This will not only provide your Japanese Spitz with the required obedience. It will teach your children a lot about their new friend.

No matter how your dog interacts with your kids, you want to make sure your kids understand that not all dogs are the same. You should teach your children to ask permission before touching a dog they don’t know, not to annoy them while they are eating and to be aware of body language such as growling.

These important lessons will teach your children to respect dogs and keep themselves safe. Teaching children to respect dogs and your dog to respect children is key to safe interactions between them.

Training your Japanese Spitz for kids

Training and socialization is the key to having a Japanese Spitz that is good around children. The Japanese Spitz is an affectionate and playful breed. However, sometimes they can become over-excited. This may result in them gripping on to a child’s clothing or play a little ruff.

It is important to teach your Japanese Spitz a good leave command and learning ways to settle and calm them if they get carried away.

Consistent training will help your Japanese Spitz learn quickly what is and is not acceptable behavior.

Japanese Spitz, in fact, all dogs, need a structured environment to feel comfortable and safe shine and coexist with their people. They will learn through consistency what you allow when it comes to interacting with your kids. By rewarding and praising them for being gentle and correcting them for unwanted behavior such as nipping they will quickly learn the rules and boundaries.

Japanese Spitz want to be apart of the family and they can easily learn how to do that safely. Training is a key part of having Japanese Spitz as a family pet and a companion to your children.

Summary – Japanese Spitz and kids

Japanese Spitz are wonderful dogs and excellent with children. They crave human companionship and are eager to please. They are very playful, active, and tolerant of kids. Japanese Spitz love to be involved in the action and will not just sit back and watch.

Their small size also makes them suitable for children of all ages. They are less likely to knock a child over by accident.

However, it is important that they are well trained and socialized. It is also important that the children are taught how to be king and respectful of the Japanese Spitz also.

Let us know in the comments if you have a Japanese Spitz and how they are with your children.

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