Japanese Spitz Hot Weather Tolerance

Can Japanese Spitz live in hot weather

Yes, a Japanese Spitz can tolerate and adapt to hot weather. Being a Spitz type breed they are well suited for cold weather. However, nature as provide them with a double coat that insulates them against both hot and cold temperatures.

Having a white coat also aids them in hot weather as it doesn’t attract the heat as much as a darker or black coat would. It is important to be aware of the risks of over heating and even heat stroke in all dogs.

How dogs cool themselves down

As dogs don’t sweat it is more difficult for them to cool themselves down. Dogs rely on panting to regulate and control their body temperature. Panting evaporates moisture from their tongues, nasal passages, and the lining of their lungs. This cools them as air passes over the moist tissue.

Other ways your Japanese Spitz may cool themselves is to find a cool shady spot to lay in. They may even dig a shallow hole to lay in. this relates to a dog’s nature instinct to make a den.. Dens keep them cooler in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather.

As stated above, a Japanese Spitz natural double coat plays a major part in managing their temperature.

Sign and symptoms of overheating and heat stroke

It is important for a Japanese Spitz owner to be aware of the signs that your dog is over heating and know what to do in this situation. The dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion are very real and the potential for your dog to suffer from this are very high.

Heatstroke can take several hours before it becomes deadly. Some extreme cases can cause death if the dog doesn’t receive medical care immediately.

Signs that your Japanese Spitz may be overheating include;

  • excessive whining and fidgeting,
  • panting with the tongue right out of their mouth and being scooped at the end
  • weariness, confusion, sluggish movement
  • red gums and tongue
  •  foaming at the mouth and thickening of the saliva
  • breathing difficulties
  • dehydration

Dehydration can set in fast. During dehydration, the dog’s mouth and gums will become dry and the skin will lose its elasticity. If you grab the skin on the back of the neck and stretch it will return slowly back into its natural position.

This is a sign that they are highly dehydrated and may go into shock. They will need IV fluids to be injected by your vet.

Get your Japanese Spitz into the shade or indoors if possible and give them small amounts of cool water. Don’t let them drink large amounts at once. Use a wet cloth to cool their paws, groin, and armpits. Cooling a dog down too quickly can cause them to go in to shock.

Heatstroke, if not treated can be fatal. If they exhibit any vomiting, weakness, or seizures get them to the vet as soon as possible.

Tips to keep a Japanese Spitz cool in hot weather

These are some suggested ways and tips to help keep your Japanese Spitz cool in hot weather

Grooming and brushing

The Japanese Spitz has a double coated this is designed by nature to manage their body temperature. When the weather is cold they produce more undercoat. As the weather starts to get warmer they shed the undercoat.

They shed coat once or twice a year depending upon the climate and lasts for around a week or so. Regular brushing is important to remove tangles and keep their coat healthy. It is especially important when the weather is heating up and they are shedding.

By removing the unneeded undercoat it allows air to circulate though the coat and allows their bodies to cool. For a guide to Japanese Spitz brushing and grooming see here.

Provide cool drinking water

It is crucial to keep your Japanese Spitz well hydrated in hot weather. You can even freeze a second or third drinking bowl so it stays cool longer.


There are products that are designed specifically for the purpose of cooling off your dog. These include cooling mats to lay on, cooling vest, or cooling collar for them to wear.

Keeping your Japanese Spitz cool inside

Keeping your Japanese Spitz cool inside is simple if you have air conditioning. However, if you don’t, here are some tips to help.

  • use an electric fan to circulate the air.
  • keep them downstairs if you have a two-level home. As warm air rises the lower level of the house will be cooler.
  • get them a cooling mat. See cooling mats here on Amazon.
  • close the curtains. One of the best ways to keep the house cool is by keeping the hot sun out of the house to begin with.

Keeping your Japanese Spitz cool outside

Being able to keep inside the house cool is one thing. But you can control the temperature outside. These are some ways to help keep your Japanese Spitz cooler outside.

Ensure they have water

It is important to ensure that your dog has access to fresh drinking water at all times. A standard bowl can accidentally be spilled or run dry.
This is a problem as you don’t want your dog not to have access to water all day leaving them dehydrated, especially in hot weather. It is important to use a non-spill water bowl for your dog. My personal recommendation and the bowl I use for my own dog is the Torus water bowl.

See Torus water bowls on Amazon

The Torus bowl stores up to 2L of water in its reservoir walls and filters it to remove any contaminants. Each time your puppy takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well. The enclosed water storage area also aids to keep the water cool. There is no power or batteries required.

Another great option for water for a dog being left outside when you are not there is a self-filling water bowl that attaches to your hose. Alternatively, use a gravity feed water bowl.


Fill up an inexpensive kiddie pool for your dog to wade around in to cool off.


You can leave a sprinkler on for your dog to run under and play or even soak them with a hose. Lots of dogs love to chase the water from the hose. This dog water sprinkler allows your dog to play this game without you. This device attaches to your hose and has a paw pedal so they can turn the water on. Ideal for when the weather is hot keeping them cooler and providing access to fresh flowing water to keep them hydrated.


Often dogs will dig a shallow pit to lay in to keep cool. Provide an area or even a        sandbox for them to dig in. If using a sandpit ensure it is in a shady area and you can even wet the sand down first.


Make sure there a plenty of well shaded and cool area for your dog to lay in. If you don’t have natural shade such as trees or a covered area you can use a gazebo or similar.


Freeze a Kong toy with beef or chicken stock inside to give them a treat and keep them cool at the same time. If using stock, dilute a lot as many stocks can be high in sodium. For more on Kong toys see “How to use a Kong toy for dogs


A misting system vaporizes mist instantaneously and lowers air temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, leaving the entire surroundings breezier and more comfortable for your dog. This is a low cost and effective way to keep your dog cool outside. Of the misting systems for dogs that I researched my recommendation for a kennel area is –

Orbit Portable Outdoor Misting System available here on Amazon.

Perfect if you’re looking for a portable misting system that installs in less than 10 minutes and cools the outdoor surrounding area just as quickly. Comes with 18 feet of ¼-inch diameter pre-assembled, ready-to-use highly-flexible pipe. This makes cooling your dog easy anyplace outdoors.

After mounting the hose, simply connect the system to an outdoor tap and you’re done. The kit includes a hose washer, six brass anti-corrosive misting nozzles, and six alligator clips to connect to a fence, umbrella, sun shelter, or any similar structure.

We hope you have found these tips to keep your Japanese Spitz cool when the weather is hot helpful.

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