How do Rottweilers show affection

Are Rottweilers affectionate

A well socialized and trained Rottweiler is extremely affectionate and loving towards their families. Sometimes this affection can be over the top and it may be necessary to set boundaries early on.

Rottweilers are a people-orientated breed. They are extremely affectionate and loyal to their owners and families. It is said that a Rottweiler’s heart is as big as its large powerful body.

Rottweilers are highly intelligent which makes them sensitive and to have empathy. This sensitivity results in them forming a close bond with their families.

How to tell if your Rottweiler loves you

Rottweilers can wear their big heart on their sleeves. They will show you in many ways that you are a big deal and that they love you very much.

This ranges from looking at you with loving eyes, following your everywhere, and cuddling. We will look at the many ways a Rottweiler shows affection below.

10 Ways Rottweilers show they love you

Follow you everywhere

Rottweilers are often referred to as “Velcro dog”. A velcro dog is a dog that is stuck to your side. Your Rottweiler is showing they love you and want to be with you. This may mean that you may never go to the toilet alone ever again.

However, there may be other reasons your Rottweiler follows you everywhere. These include;

Herding behavior

Rottweilers used to herd cattle among their many other jobs. This herding instinct remain with them today. This also includes the desire to chase. Early socialization of your Rottweiler is important. this teaches them when it’s appropriate to display this and when it’s not.

Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in many dog breeds, not just Rottweiler. It is the fear that when you leave them behind, you may not return. When you return home, they become clingy and follow you everywhere.

To learn more about separation anxiety see here.

Communicating a need

Your Rottweiler may be following you around to tell you something. This may be they want to go out to the toilet, they are hungry, or something is wrong.

How to stop your Rottweiler following your everywhere.

Providing sufficient exercise and keeping them occupied will help reduce this behavior. If your Rottweiler is tired and been mentally challenged they are more likely to be calmer and relaxed.

For a guide to how to exercise a Rottweiler see here.

Obviously, teaching them the stay command is important. When you go to another room tell them to stay. Alternatively, you can use a baby gate to keep them out of certain rooms and give them some toys to occupy them.

Leaning against you

Leaning against people and sitting on them is a common Rottweiler trait. They will often sit on your feet even if this is not that comfortable for wither of you.

Rottweilers do this to show love and affection. They just want to cuddle and be close to you. It is also a way to put their scent on you.

It is important to distinguish whether this is affection or they are trying to be dominate. If you think it is a dominance behavior, you should move them off of you.

The Rottweiler purr

Many Rottweiler owners report that their dog makes strange noises when showing affection and are relaxed. This shows that they are content and happy. This is often referred to as the Rottweiler purr.

Big licks

Rottweiler love to lick the person they love, especially their face. This probably goes back to during weaning a puppy will lick their mother’s face to get them to regurgitate food for them.

As a puppy gets older they continue this licking the face of adult dogs as a way of showing submission, respect and affection.

Dogs lick for many other reasons also. Licking releases endorphins which gives a dog a feeling of comfort and pleasure. They also like the taste of your salty skin.

Wagging their tail or nub

A Rottweiler wags their tail or nub (if docked)when they are happy. However, tail wagging can have different meanings. If they have a relaxed body posture it is a sign of happiness.

If they have a rigid body posture and the wag is more of a twitch or swipe, it shows aggression. The different is easy to see.

They smile at you

Rottweilers have an expressive face. It is probably those eyebrows. You probably know what it looks like when your Rotti is smiling. They have their mouth open and relaxed and are beaming from ear to ear.

Soft eyes

Part of a Rottweilers facial expressions are those beautiful eyes. When they are looking at you with those “puppy eyes” they are saying they love you.

Soft relaxed eyes and a relaxed body indicate a calm and happy dog. Soft eyes are a non-threatening gesture. This is different from a harsh stare. also, if you can see the whites of the eye, it indicates that they are worried or stressed.

Head in the lap

A Rottweiler will often put their head in your lap and look at you with those loving eyes. This is a sign of affection and love. It is probably also an invite for you to give them a good scratch behind the ears.

Wanting a belly rub

A Rottweiler will only expose their underbelly if they truly trust and respect you. This is a sign of submission and shows that they feel completely safe with you.

This shows that the bond between you and your Rottweiler is strong.

Nose nudge

A Rottweiler will often poke or nudge you with their nose. This is not only a sign of affection, but also an invite to give them attention.

This may be for a pat or to tell you something. They may want to play or go outside to the toilet.

Rottweiler affection FAQs

Where do Rottweilers like to be petted

Rottweilers love a nice gentle and soothing massage. This is a great way to bond with your Rotti. It is also a good way to spot any potential health issues like lumps or sores.

Rottweilers like to be petted and massaged on their large muscles like the shoulders and the neck. They also enjoy a good bum scratch and a belly rub.

Instead of doing a deep tissue massage to loosen muscles, the aim is to use gentle motions that help your pet relax and make them feel comfortable. Take a bit of time to just pat them and love them up too.

Other spots that a Rottweiler like to be stroked are the stop and where the ears join the head. The stop is the area between the eyes. These areas contain lots of nerve endings. By rubbing here it releases endorphins to the brain giving them a calming and good feeling.

For a guide of how to massage a dog see here.

Do Rottweilers like to cuddle and snuggle

Most Rottweilers love a good cuddle and to snuggle in close to you. Every dog is an individual and some don’t. This may be a sign that they don’t entirely trust the person. Generally, a well socialized and trained Rottweiler will enjoy being cuddled.

Snuggling time is a great way to further strengthen you bond with your Rotti. Some people even allow their Rottweiler to sleep in their beds.

Should you Rottweiler sleep in your bed

People can be divided on this matter. Many people would disagree with you having your dog sleep in the same bed as you. Especially a big dog like a Rottweiler. 

This may seem like a good idea when they are a small puppy. But remember they will grow into a 100 to 130 pound dog. This may not be such a good idea sharing your bed with such a large animal.

However, if they think it was OK when they were small, you may have some issues convincing them the rules have changed.

There are generally two objectives that people have about a dog sleeping in a human’s bed. Firstly, they think that it will lead to dominance and behavior issues. If a dog has a behavior issue, it is not rooted in them sleeping on your bed. Most behavior and aggression issues are the result of fear and poor leadership.

The second objection is that it is unhealthy. This is not a worry as long as both the person and the dog are healthy. It is extremely rare for a human to be able to get a disease from a dog. The one exception would be ringworm. You will also want to make sure that your Rottweilers flea and internal worm treatments are up to date.

For more on Rottweiler sleeping habits see here.

Why do Rottweilers like to sit on you

Leaning and sitting on a person is a real Rottweiler thing to do. It is a Rotti trait and in the DNA of the breed. They often like to sit on your feet even though this is probably not that comfortable for them. Or you.

There are several reasons a Rottweiler leans or sits on you. They may just be wanting to cuddle and be close to you. It is also a way to put their scent on you.

In some situations, it can be a sign of dominance and controlling behavior. If they are trying to position themselves higher than you they are being dominant. If this is the reason, they need to be redirected off of you and below you.

Why do Rottweilers have a bad reputation

If Rottweilers are so affectionate, why do they have a bad reputation. Don’t forget that Rottweilers are an extremely powerful dog and cable of doing real damage. A Rottweiler that is not socialized and trained well can be dangerous.

Usually a Rottweiler that is aggressive or fearful is the result of the owner. Some people get a powerful dog like a Rottweiler and make them unfriendly either on purpose or inadvertently. It is often said that there is no such thing as a dog with a behavior problem. Just a dog with a human problem.

It really is a case of a few bad owners ruining it for the good dog owners.

Are Rottweilers loyal to one person

Rottweilers are often considered to be one person dogs. This is not strictly true.Rottweilers are faithful, loyal and loving to all the members of their family.

However, they do tend to see one person as the leader of the pack and will follow there commands above anybody else. Providing good leadership with established and consistent rules is important for Rottweilers.

Are Rottweilers jealous dogs

Every Rottweilers is different, but many do display jealous behavior. They are very territorial and protective of their families. They are also very close and loyal to you.

There may be situations where your Rottweiler gets jealous if you are giving affection or attention to another person or animal.

Providing good leadership, rules and boundaries, and socialization is crucial to ensure your Rottweiler doesn’t show these jealous behaviors. It is important they know their place in the pack.

Are male or female Rottweiler more affectionate

Every Rottweiler is an individual regardless of gender. However, there are some general traits and temperament types that apply to male or female Rottweilers.

The natural maternal instincts of a female Rottweiler tends to make them gentler and sweeter. They tend to have a more even temperament. It is often recommended that a first-time Rotti owner gets a female dog.

Male Rottweilers tend to be more boisterous and protective. They also tend to want to be the alpha.

Ultimately, both female and male Rottweilers can be loving and affectionate. This depends more on the strength of the bond, socialization, training and leadership rather than gender.

Summary – How Rottweilers show affection

Rottweilers are a very people orientated dog. A well socialized and trained Rottweiler is extremely affectionate and loving towards their families.

It is said that a Rottweiler’s heart is as big as its large powerful body.

Rottweilers are highly intelligent which makes them sensitive and to have empathy. This sensitivity results in them forming a close bond with their families.

Let us know in the comments how your Rottweiler shows you love and affection.

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