How to Stop Your Puppy from Chewing Things

A dog owner becomes a parent and the dog no longer is just an animal. They become a child to the dog-parent in absolutely no time. You name them, feed them, play with them, stand with them when they are sick. Your puppy becomes center of your life and is no less than your child with an equal attention-seeker and drama of their own league.

Puppies like to have fun all the time and are goofy in their behavior that often finds them guilty of a lot of situations. With their cutesy and making-your-heart-melt eyes puppies are free-spirited in their habits and are a delight to just sit and watch and admire them with a smile.

I chewed moms Iphone cord
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But! They can be a serious pain-in-the-ass too! Nevertheless, there’s nothing that makes the parent of a puppy melt more than the way this creature droops their head to say they are sorry because they did the one annoying thing puppies do: – chew something they shouldn’t have.

Call this inquisitive or curious nature but most puppies will chew almost anything off that they poke with their nose.

Puppies will also be prone to chewing anything they can around the time that they are teething. This is generally at the age of five to six months.

Yes, it is annoying and can be frustrating to the puppy owner. However, there are some ways devised to stop your puppy from chewing things and these are –

  1. Don’t put your puppy in a negative mood calling them a bad dog or saying no-no-no. It makes them feel bad and makes them sad about it. Instead of saying these, replace the things they are busy chewing with their favourite toy and see their reaction. Praise them for it, too. 
  2. Provide your puppy some training to understand what is their property and what is off limits. You need not even shell out big bucks to get professional help. Just lightly teach them basic yes/no things without being too strict. Teach them basic like leave that, come here, don’t go that way, etc. Taking this route should make your puppy stop putting things to their mouth when you tell them not to.
  3. There are certain smells that almost all dogs despise and hate. It immediately puts them off. For most puppies, it is things that taste bitter. There are puppy safe sprays available that will deter them from chewing. See stop chew sprays on Amazon. Put it on things that are bad for your doggy and could choke them to stop them chewing on those things.
  4. Most puppies take to this off chewing habit out of boredom. Encountered mostly by working parents, puppies resort to chewing things to pass their time. So make some time and take them out to explore around and maybe a little exercise so they have the opportunity to burn off some pent up energy.
  5. Some puppies are extremely curious in their nature and constantly poke at things, touching them till they lick it and finally chew on it to get a hold of it. They do it mostly because of the excessive energy in them. To relieve this, take them out for a nice walk.
  6. Dog chews. One of the most basic measures you can take to keep your pet from chewing on things they shouldn’t is to ensure they have adequate chew toys. For the best chew toys suitable for your puppy see here.
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So, go! Tell your puppy what a good dog they are for not eating your things up!

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